Gurdjieff Norfolk

Movements Shoes

As part of our work together as a Group we make shoes for Movements. These shoes were previously available from the Scottish Group.

Handmade by the Norfolk Gurdjieff group in soft black or white reconstituted leather with suede soles, in UK sizes 4-13 (no half sizes).

Lightweight, breathable and non-slip, each pair is made to order and comes with a natural unbleached calico bag.

Cost £25 GBP per pair including postage and packing (within mainland UK), payable by bank transfer.

For further details and to order contact

Close-up of a dancer's feet positioned in third position wearing black ballet slippers and white, knitted leg warmers. The dancer's right foot is flat on the ground while the left foot is on demi-pointe, showing the suede sole of the slipper.